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Specializing in development of horses and riders in the sport of eventing for over forty years.


About Momo

Situated in the heart of Hockley Valley in Mono Ontario, Momo Laframboise Eventing has gained a reputation for developing quality horses and solid riders for the past four decades.

Born in Ottawa in 1959,  Momo is the fifth of eight children in the famous Laframboise eventing family. Originally from Luskville, Quebec, the family grew up on a large breeding and training facility where Momo's foundation began. Starting with pony club, she moved to the hunter/jumper ring, and soon found her love for eventing.

At the young age of 19, Momo began her international eventing career finishing 2nd with Kinburn at the first international event held in Ontario at Joker’s Hill Farm. She went on to compete numerous horses at the international levels throughout North America and Europe becoming the first Canadian woman to win a CCI Advanced. Momo has represented Canada on several occasions.

Momo currently runs a training business out of the beautiful Ghostwood Farm. She enjoys coaching students of all levels, as well as actively competing in Ontario in the summers, and Aiken, SC in the winters.

"The only coach I know who can read you and your horse minute to minute creating incredible adjustability in her coaching while pushing your comfort zone & abilities. I trust her 110% as does my horse ." Sophie Vertigan



Visit our sales page to view the horses currently available for sale. Momo has a real knack for pairing horses and riders. If you are looking for a new mount, Momo would be happy to help you source out the right horse to suit your individual needs and budget. 


Momo is available for sales, training, and boarding services at her training facility in Hockley Valley ON. and in Aiken SC, during the winter months. Momo has trained countless numbers of horses throughout her career and successfully developed them to their top potential. Whether you want to bring your horse to the next level, or are looking to sell, talk to Momo about a plan that’s tailored just for you.

As part of this customized training approach, Momo Laframboise Eventing offers tailored boot camps. Bring your horse for a few days, a week or more to work on specific areas of improvement or get tuned up for an upcoming competition. Contact us to book your boot camp.

"Momo spent 14 days with my horse, who bulldozed at the canter and had only jumped a few dozen jumps in her life, and we could literally go to an event tomorrow - she’s improved so much! I can’t say enough about how Momo can bring a horse from so little to so much in two weeks. Thank you Momo!!"  Donna Coulter-Grace


Whether you’re a highly competitive athlete or looking to have fun at the lower levels, Momo’s tremendous experience and knowledge of the sport enables her to help develop confident and well educated horse/rider partnerships at all levels.  Momo takes an allround approach, considering both rider and horse in and out of the lesson ring.

As riders, we all know how quickly our equine friends can boost us up one day and humble us the next. Along with her precision coaching skills, Momo brings her enthusiasm and a sense of humour to each lesson! For more information, feel free to contact us.

  • Ship in lessons and clinics

  • On location lessons and clinics

  • At show coaching

  • Custom training board

Laframboise Eventing Gear

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Events Schedule

Between her competition, training and coaching schedule, Momo conducts clinics across North America. Each clinic is tailored to the level of horse and rider. Contact us to book your clinic today!

The Momo Laframboise Eventing Team will be competing across Ontario and USA in the 2020 season.

At show coaching is available. Contact us for more information. 

"I'm a huge fan of Momo's she always push's me to be better...work harder and brings out the best in my mare....always look forward to her clinics to both ride in as well as audit with her wealth of knowledge best bang for your buck."

Maggie Malcolm

"Excellent clinic experience! Fun gymnastics day followed by a course day - Momo was super with both my horse’s and my “greenness”... a great learning environment! Looking forward to the next clinic." 

Jennifer Mairleitner


Here's what people are saying...


"Well Momo needs no introduction but if you do come from Mars-as I did at one point- you may want to take a chance and go meet this fabulous inside out horse woman and professional. Then you will understand that the only thing she lacks of is enough time for all of us poor mortals!:). Take a number!!" Tania Tonelli

"Well everyone knows that I am a Momo follower and fan, but there is a legitimate reason for that! I am also convinced that she is 3/4 horse! The degree of her knowledge and understanding of the horse (inside and out), is extremely impressive and very rare. Her ability to diagnose a riders issues, and explain (or demonstrate) HOW to resolve them is unprecedented!"
Angela Colterjohn

"An incredibly talented rider and trainer. Momo is a rare professional." Christi Rocovich Sulzbach

"After taking a few successful clinics with Momo over the past year, I had the opportunity to take my horse to her place this spring for a few weeks. Her facility and property are meticulously cared for and absolutely stunning, complete with a fully groomed cross country course. Momo dedicated hours of her time coaching me and my horse while we were there and I could feel the improvements not only in my own equitation and effectiveness as a rider, but also in my horse's performance. Momo's ability to teach and get the best out of horse and rider is showcased by her breadth of students that she has successfully competing all over North America, from novice up to the 4* level. She is dedicated to her students and horses and is a true professional. She always took the time to introduce me to all the people coming to her for lessons, during the time I was there. We are so lucky to have coaches like this available to us who have dedicated their lives to the sport of eventing!" Avril Dupuis

"Truly one of the most passionate, knowledgeable, helpful and supportive coaches I've had the pleasure to be taught by!!" Grace Emmett

"I finally wanted to 'get' that jumping thing, and somewhere along the way lose the fear that popped it's ugly head at me every time we approached an oxer. That's where Momo Laframboise comes into the picture. Without any stress and surrounded by relaxed, positive, fun vibes Momo proceeded to change my riding in very few simple steps. Clear and simple instruction on how to achieve the final concise goal. It clicked. And it clicked not only in jumping but also in my dressage work. And when the technique fell into place - my well tacked away fear of jumping just left one day. And it started being fun again, and exciting, followed by growing confidence. Momo - you truly changed my life"  Agatha Ulkowski Mielzynski

"When Momo and I talked about my goals for the spring, she laid out her comprehensive program. When we converged on Aiken in February my partnership with Kegan improved quickly because of the insight Momo developed into our strengths and weaknesses in all three phases. Starting slowly, our spring competitions resulted in a second and first place finish. We then moved up a division, which resulted in a 5th place with clean jumping rounds on a technical course with some very good questions.
This experience exceeded my expectations and Momo made good in all that she had promised and more. It was a challenging but fun environment with lots of insight into equestrian culture and competition at higher levels." Mark H

"Momo is a very caring instructor, patiently encouraging students to accomplish the drills and courses she sets up by breaking each down into achievable steps. A confidence builder. Looking forward to the opportunity to learn from Momo again." Heather Durnin

"Just had a clinic with Momo. Everyone knows of her XC & stadium expertise, but with my older guy (26) we focussed on our flat work. Momo has an amazing way of breaking down the aids. The progress we made in an hour was remarkable! Not only that but we came away with exercises that we can work on everyday. Thanks Momo!!!!" Jennifer Macnab

"Great clinician!! Highly Recommend!" Kim Crawford

"Always a fun and great learning experience!" Rebecca Coulter

"In praise of boot camp. It really works! Momo Laframboise is amazing at what she does. She has had my daughter's horses for 6 weeks and it has been such a pleasure to watch what she has been able to achieve with them in that short time. She is committed, patient and an excellent coach for my daughter. She does exactly what she says she is going to do and is able to get amazing results in a relatively short time. Truly inspiring and such a pleasure to deal. Very impressive!" Sarah P.


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